And so it begins…Again

So I have started a blog. Let me rephrase that. I have started a blog again.

After several late nights filled with boredom and an extreme amount of coffee, I occasionally get a burst of sudden enthusiasm. Late night ideas that seem great at the time but when the brightness of morning burns my eyes, I am far less enthusiastic.

You may be wondering where i’m going with this and i’ll tell you. On more than one of these moments of sudden passion,I have found myself signing up to start a blog. Several attempts and email addresses later, I have got as far deciding a password.

Well not tonight. Tonight I have got a name sorted and an idea of what I want to ramble on about. So with any luck I don’t loose faith and actually jot a few words now and then.

Should another insomniac coffee drinker find themselves scrolling through random blogs to see  if they should have one of their own, I would like them to use me to determine whether or not its worth their time. If this is my most recent post then you may as well shut down your computer, pour your coffee away and try to get some sleep. Because if this is my recent post, then i’ve once again I have failed.

However, If you had to scroll through my posts to find this then, who knows, perhaps there is hope for us after all.

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